What is Black Hat SEO? 5 Best Black Hat SEO Techniques and Tactics

Do you want to know about what is black hat seo and best black hat seo techniques and tactics. As everyone wants to be successful overnight.


A person who just started their carrier as a blogger wants to become a successful blogger at a sort span of time. So they come across a technique called Black Hat SEO.


But they have so many questions like, whether it is right for our website or not! In today’s post, we are going to tell you what is Black Hat SEO? 5 Best Black Hat SEO Techniques and Tactics  in very simple words. 

What is Black Hat SEO and why is it dangerous?


We all know that there is not a single method of ranking your website and post on google. There is so many SEO factors is responsible for this. Such methods are also used by some people. Which are against the rules of the search engine. Which gives rise to black hat SEO.


Many new bloggers use black hat SEO to rank their website and blog in search engines so that they can increase traffic to their website as soon as possible. By doing this, he can rank his website in the search engine for some time. But after that, they have to suffer serious consequences. Because the search engine blocks such a website.


So if you are serious about Blogging and want to make your future in blogging then you should never make such a mistake.


We do SEO to increase traffic on our website. If it is done correctly then it is white hat SEO otherwise it’s become black hat SEO. Which can prove to be very bad for our website?


In our previous post, we talked about what is white hat SEO and how to use it. Today we are going to give you complete information about black hat SEO. Also, know how to do black hat SEO.


What is black hat SEO?


This is a Seo technique in which we force the search engines to rank our website/blog to get high traffic by ignoring the rules of the search engine. which are done keeping in mind only the search engine Robots. Which is called black hat SEO.


Just like you will find many such websites on the internet who make thousands of links for your website with some money. These links are created by spam and automated websites. Whose bot and spider of the search engines are easily identified. After which your website can be blocked.


Let us tell you that the Google search engine keeps changing its algorithm. so that, they can give the best result to their user.


Google Panda and Google Penguin updates are the best examples, after which a very large website was penalized. Which caused a lot of damage to the ranking and value of those websites.  


Therefore, we should always work keeping in mind the rules of the search engine. Because even if the search engine changes its algorithm, it does not cause any harm to your website.


The black hat SEO is completely opposite to the white hat SEO. This website can be ranked but for a very short time! Now we are going to tell you about some method which is called black hat SEO.


 5 Best Black Hat SEO Techniques and Tactics


1. Keyword Stuffing


Repeatedly using the keyword in a post without needing that. Your post can be ranked in the search engine by doing this, the user feels very bad in reading the post. Because the same keyword is repeated without any reason.


The new blogger usually makes this mistake. Because they do not know about it which turns into white hat SEO to black hat SEO, unknowingly.


2. Unrelated Meta Description


In the Meta Description, we should write about our post. Repeated keywords and unrelated keywords are used in this short description so that it can match as many search keywords as possible that is a Black hat SEO technique.


3. Doorway and Gateway Post


This is a half-baked post in which only one type of keyword is used. Doorway pages have a bad reputation due to the frequent use (and abuse) of doorways in spamming the search engines.


4. Duplicate Content


The new blogger who does not know much about blogging. They copy-paste any post. Or putting a single post again and again so that they can get more traffic. But the search engine takes such posts very quickly and penalized for this.


5. Invisible Keyword


The more keywords in a post, the greater the chances of that post getting ranked in the search engine. Therefore, to use such keywords that are invisible with background colors. You can use answerthepublic tool to research your long-tail keyword.


Best Black Hat SEO Course


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Now you must have known what black hat SEO is and how it is done in some way. This is not for us and if you who want to make a career in blogging. 

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