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WebP is a image format that provides lossless compression. WebP images are typically 25-30% smaller than JPEG images of the same quality. WebP also supports transparency, which is not supported by JPEG.

However, not all browsers support WebP images. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your images will be displayed in all browsers, it is necessary to convert WebP images to JPEG format.

The WebP to JPG Converter is a free online tool that allows you to convert WebP images to JPEG format. Simply upload a file or provide a URL to an image, and then download the converted image.

The WebP to JPG Converter is easy to use and produces high quality JPEG images. Try it today!

Follow these 7 easy steps to convert a WEBP file to JPG! Let’s use

  1. Once on-site at, scroll down and click “WEBP to JPG”.   
  2. You will be redirected to
  3. Click on choose file, then it will redirect you to your files i.e. “This PC > Downloads”. 
  4. Choose a file to convert, then click open.  
  5. Click on the “Convert” button. 
  6. A pop-up with the download button will appear, click on “Download Image” to use. 
  7. You have successfully converted a WEBP file to JPG.

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