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Follow these 7 easy steps to successfully convert an image to webp, bmp, gif , png, and jpg! Let’s use https://toolsocean.com/image-converter

  1. Once on-site at https://toolsocean.com/, scroll down and click on “Image Converter”.  
  2. You will be redirected to https://toolsocean.com/image-converter
  3. Click on choose file, then it will redirect you to your files i.e. “This PC > Downloads”
  4. Choose an image file to convert, then click open.  
  5. Select the new format (png, jpg, webp, gif, bmp), then click on the “Convert Image” button. 
  6. A pop-up with the download button will appear, click on “Download Image”. 
  7. You have successfully converted an image to webp, bmp, gif, png, and jpg.  

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