Bluehost Review: Bluehost Web Hosting Pros and Cons in [2020]

Are you looking for the Best WordPress Hosting Company? so it’s great I am going to give an honest review on Bluehost. It is one of the most popular and well-known companies in the world of web hosting.


It was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth. But currently, Bluehost is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG).


Most people looking for a Bluehost hosting review. Are you excited about an honest Bluehost Review? Why Not?


Bluehost offers a variety of hosting plans with 24/7 customer support. In addition, Bluehost is also officially recommended by Although many web hosting companies are available in the market, Bluehost is the cheapest and best among them all.


In this blog, I am going to share the Bluehost review that will help determine if Bluehost is right for you.

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Bluehost Review:


bluehost review


It is one of the oldest and largest web hosting companies. So far + 2M website has been hosted on Bluehost. Also, WordPress recommends this.


They provide 24/7 customer support, great hosting service, performance, user-friendly control panel, 1-year free domain to their customers. Also, if you host your site on Bluehost, you do not have to worry about your site.


So let’s start Bluehost review without losing time…


Bluehost Performance


Any slow loading site greatly affects user experience and website rankings. Also, Google uses website loading speed as a ranking factor.


Therefore, website loading speed is very important in today’s Internet era. If your site takes longer to load, then your site will not rank better in search engines.


But when you buy hosting from Bluehost, you do not have to worry about website performance (slow loading speed).


This hosting company guarantees 99.9% Uptime and provides better loading speed. You can upgrade its PHP version to PHP 7 to get even better performance.


Bluehost’s loading speed is about 1.5 seconds, which is great to rank.


You can take your site performance to a new level with the Well-optimized Site + Caching Plugin.


Bluehost Hosting plans


Bluehost provides shared hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting to start an online business. You can have any hosting according to your needs. The best part is that it provides unmetered bandwidth, storage, free SSL Certificate and a free domain.


Shared hosting – This is the best option for launching a new website at a low cost. In this hosting, multiple sites are hosted on the same server.


Cloud Hosting – This is a new hosting market that allows your site to have better loading speed and multiple cloud servers. If there is a hardware problem on your site, it will automatically switch to another server.


WordPress hosting – This hosting is specially designed for WordPress site.


WooCommerce hosting – This hosting type of hosting allows you to easily start an online store with WordPress. WooCommerce hosting is specifically for an e-commerce site.


VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting – It increases the power, flexibility, and performance of your site and provides virtual dedicated resources in a shared environment.


Dedicated server hosting – Provides ultimate website performance, security, and control to your site.


Note: With any Bluehost hosting plan, you can get 1-click WordPress installation and all plans
easy to use comes with cPanel where you can manage your hosting, databases, and many other things.


Bluehost Hosting Price


Bluehost’s pricing plan is very cheap and affordable which you can choose according to your website.


Bluehost’s Shared hosting starts at $ 2.75 / mo – $ 3.95 / month, its lowest price. It is great for starting a new website and it comes with three different prices.


Bluehost Review


Basic Plan – With this plan, you can host only one website. Moreover, it allows you to host 25 Sub Domains. Apart from this, it provides 50GB storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, Free SSL, 5 email accounts, and 100mb storage for each email account. When you renew it, you will have to pay $ 7.99 per month.


Plus Plan – It allows you to host unlimited websites with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and free SSL. Prices start at $ 5.95 per month but you will have to pay $ 10.99 per month at the time of renewing.


Choice Plus Plan – In this plan, you can starts at $ 6.95 per month. It has domain privacy and site backup Pro free. Everything is unlimited in this plan. At Renewal, you have to pay $ 14.99 per month.


If you are thinking of starting a new blog, then I would recommend you shared hosting. When your website starts growing, you can easily upgrade it to a suitable plan. Click Here to buy Bluehost Hosting.


Bluehost Refund Policy


Bluehost offers its customers a great refund policy. When you buy any Bluehost hosting package and you feel that it is not meeting your requirement, you can cancel it within 30 days and get Full Refund.


But if you also take a free domain with a hosting plan, then around 1200rs will be charged for the domain at the time of hosting cancellation. Read the Bluehost Refund Policy for more information.


Bluehost Features and Functions


Bluehost comes with a powerful web hosting features and functions such as PHP, Apache, Curl, Python, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Ruby / Ruby on Rails, and much more.


You can create your website with one click on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Apart from this, the cPanel of Bluehost hosting plans includes Website Statistics, Web Based File Manager, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager, Redirect URL, etc.


Here is a screenshot of Bluehost hosting features and functions.


Bluehost review

Easy to use


Bluehost hosting plans come with an easy and user-friendly interface. Apart from this, all the hosting package’s cPanel is very easy to use and they all provide a one-click installation which will give you any type of website.


Allows creating blog, forum, CMS, wiki, photo gallery, E-commerce store, etc. easily. No need for any kind of coding knowledge. Just select the software, enter the information related to the site, and hit the install button. Your website is ready.


Bluehost Security Features


Bluehost provides protection for SHH Access, IP Blocker, SSL / TLS, Hotlink Protection, Leech Protection, SSL / TLS Status, etc. for better security features. cPanel also has a Virus Scanner option that scans and deletes the malware installed on the site.


Additionally, it provides a Backup feature to make your site even more secure. So that you can easily restore your site in case of an accident. But you have to manually backup your site.


Bluehost Customer Support


Bluehost provides very good support to their customer. You can get 24/7 customer support using their live chat, ticketing system, and toll-free number.


If you have a hosting-related issue, you can get free support.


Bluehost Pros and Cons


All web hosting companies have some Pros and Cons. Here are the Pros and Cons of Bluehost,




  • Pricing – If you want to start a new website, so these hosting plans are very cheap and affordable to start a new website.
  • Free domain – If you buy any Bluehost hosting package, you get a free domain for 1 year for free.
  • Performance – This gives your site 99% uptime and better loading speed.




While this hosting has its benefits, it also has some cons, while reviewing Bluehost, it is important to mention not only their pros but also some cons (disadvantages) which you need to know.

Although their cons are not much, but I have noted those points which I should include in this.


1. Site Migration not Free

Moving from one hosting to another, transferring your website to that hosting is called migration.

Mostly another hosting company migrates sites for free such as A2 hosting, but this is not the case in Bluehost.


If your website is hosted on another hosting and you buy Bluehost hosting from the same domain, then Bluehost will not migrate your site meaning the data of your first website will not be data transfer to the second hosting.


To transfer the data, you will have to talk to the purchased hosting company, they will migrate your website on their hosting, but they do not do it for free, they charge $ 149.99 for transferring the website, which is very expensive.


NOTE: If you do not want to pay for site migration, then you can also migrate manually.


2. Renewal price too expensive


When you buy Bluehost hosting, at that time we get a great amount of discount but at the time of renewal its charge doubles.


The second point I would also like to mention is that “more years more discount” means the more years you take hosting, the more discount you will get, so if you select a plan of 3 years instead of 1 year, you will benefit more.


If there is not much budget, then take 1 year of hosting, when you start earning money from the blog, then you will not think much about these amounts, your amount will be recovered.


With Bluehost, you can launch from a small website to an e-commerce website. It is the best hosting company for small businesses.


If this Bluehost review has proved helpful to you, share it with your friends. If you have any questions, just let me know in the comment box.


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