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Looking to convert Base64 online? Our free and easy-to-use Base64 to image converter makes it simple. No signup required – just enter your Base64 data and download the converted image.

Base64 is a data encoding format used to represent binary data in an ASCII string. It's often used when transmitting images or other files over the internet, as it provides a way to encode large files into a manageable size.

If you need to convert Base64 to image, our Base64 to image converter can help. Just enter your Base64 data into the text field above and download the converted image. It's that easy! Plus, there's no signup required – so you can start converting Base64 to image right away.

Looking for more ways to convert Base64 online? Check out our other free tools, including our Base64 decoder and Base64 encoder. With our range of tools, you're

Converting Base64 to images is a great way to make sure your images are accessible online. Base64 is a data encoding format that uses 64 ASCII characters to represent binary data. This can be useful when you want to store images in a plain text format, or when you need to send images as part of an email or other online communication.

Our Base64 to image converter is easy to use. Just enter your Base64 data into the text field on our website, and click the Convert button. The converter will

Follow these 5 easy steps to successfully convert a Base64 String to an image file! Let’s use

  1. Once on-site at, scroll down and click on “Image to Base64”.  
  2. You will be redirected to  
  3. Copy and paste the Base64 String on the text box, then click on the “Convert to Image”  button. 
  4. Click on the “Download Image” button to download. 
  5. You have successfully converted a Base64 String to an image file. 

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